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Captive/Self-Insured Tailored Programs

AMI Investigations, through coordinated efforts, has assisted in developing tailored investigative programs for its’ Captive / Self Insured clients. These programs have proven to be very effective in our fight against workers’ compensation insurance fraud and in our efforts to lower workers’ compensation exposure on a case by case basis.

AMI Investigations takes great pride in being a vital component in helping employers take back control of their claims and diligently pursues those claims you feel are suspicious in nature. Isn’t that one of the main reasons that an employer joins a Captive / Self-Insured Program, so they can have more input and involvement in their claims and how they are handled?

Most employers will answer yes, and maybe even tell you a story about a claim that they just knew was fraudulent, but no one seemed to listen. Now that you are part of a Captive / Self- Insured program, this should not be the case, and with AMI Investigations serving you as your dedicated Special Investigation Unit “SIU,” you will have our investigative knowledge, guidance and resources readily at your service.

Preliminary Investigative Training

We also believe that a good investigation begins with the employer and their staff designated to handle their workers compensation claims. As such, AMI Investigations will work closely with you to prepare training sessions with designated employer / captive representatives to educate them on various aspects of preliminary claim investigations, some of which include: identifying suspicious claims (Red Flags), appropriate plans of action, appropriate questions to ask, when to involve AMI Investigations, and how the employer can help in developing a strong fraud case.

We are confident that we can assist you in developing a dedicated investigative program and appropriate protocol, so that you may maximize your benefit of being a member of a Captive / Self- Insured Program. We look forward to working with you and representing you with all your investigative needs.


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