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Fight Workers’ Compensation Fraud!

SIU (Fraud Specialists)

AMI Investigations’ fraud specialists have over 30 years of investigative experience and provide an invaluable service to our clients with aggressive and precise efforts towards combating fraudulent claims.

Their expertise derives from various levels of law enforcement, some of which include: Police, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE), Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC), Department of Insurance (DOI), and District Attorney Investigations assigned to Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigations.

AMI Investigations’ Fraud specialists clearly understand that fraud cases don’t always just fall into our laps, so to speak. We take the approach that once suspicious “Red Flags” in the claim are identified, investigative efforts should be taken to assist in developing the fraud case from beginning to end.

Our fraud specialists provide informed recommendations, help prepare an investigative plan of action, and package all obtained pertinent evidence, which is submitted to the appropriate local and federal government agencies for consideration of criminal prosecution.

We feel it is imperative to work closely with employer’s, insurance companies, defense attorneys, medical professionals and all defense related parties towards a common goal with coordinated efforts. Without a doubt, fraud convictions assist in reducing or eliminating claim liability.

Consulting Services

AMI Investigations is committed to providing Insurers, Self-Insured Programs, Administrators, Employers, and all industry related professionals with:

  • A devoted ear to understand and recognize each individual problem.
  • A sound voice of experience to provide appropriate opinion and direction.
  • A keen eye for detail to appropriately evaluate every situation without fail.

We enjoy sharing our experiences and assisting others with their investigative needs; therefore, we are available for one on one investigative consultation and for group presentations. Please don’t hesitate to call of you desire to schedule a meeting or presentation.

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