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Our highly trained and experienced investigators utilize the latest in surveillance equipment to assist in providing the evidence you need to make informed decisions, established a strong defense, and to prosecute fraud.

Covert Video Surveillance
We also utilize concealed video cameras when necessary for those occasions when circumstances require innovative solutions.

AOE/COE Investigations/Statements

Our professional investigators are experienced at gathering all pertinent information through complete and thorough interviews with all necessary parties, which greatly assists in developing a plan of action to reduce or eliminate liability.

Background Checks

Knowing all you can about your claimant can prove to be extremely beneficial, especially when you feel a claim is questionable. With strategic background investigations, you may learn valuable information that was not necessarily readily provided to you by the claimant. (i.e. other identities and social security numbers associated with the claimant, litigation history, criminal history, civil filings and history, personal injury, prior workers compensation claims, address history and verification, and much more…)

Our staff is trained and experienced in assessing a variety of gathered information that might serve as beneficial to our claim defense and / or fraud development. In short, be completely informed about who you are dealing with and don’t assume anything.

Bilingual Investigators Available

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